Best Festival of Holi In India – Festival of Colours – 2020

Best Festival Of Holi In India: Holi is a famous Indian Festival celebrated in the Falgun season. People also observe this festival as the Festival of Love. Holi is about celebrating happiness and joy with family, friends, and someone. People forget their pain and enjoy this festival to celebrate the festival of brotherhood. In other words, we forget our envy and dislike and celebrate the festival. Holi is called the festival of colors because people play with colors. Best Festival Of Holi In India – 2020

The history of Holi

Hinduism believes that there was a devil king named Hiranyakashyap. He had a son named Prahlad and a sister named Holika. It is believed that the devil king had the blessings of Lord Brahma. This blessing meant no man, no weapon or animal could kill him. This blessing became an anathema for him and he did not spare his son because he had become too arrogant. He allowed his kingdom to worship him instead of God. “Best Festival Of Holi In India – 2020”

Best Festival Of Holi In India – 2020

After this, all the people started worshiping Hiranyakashipu, but Prahlada rejected to worship his father because Prahlada Lord Vishnu was a true lover.  king Hiranyakaship did not accept the behavior of his son and planned to kill him along with his sister. He made his son Prahlada sit in the fire on Holika’s lap when Holika burned and Prahlad came out safely with the blessings of Lord Vishnu. Since then people started celebrating Holi as a victory of good over evil. Holi is one of the most popular festivals of our country. “Best Festival Of Holi In India – 2020”

Preparations Of Holi

When the time of the Holi celebration comes, the whole country wears the festive color. Shopkeepers begin preparing for the Holi festival. Before the festival, heaps of different colors of Gulal and Abir can be seen on the roadside. New and modern designs also come in every year, enticing children who wish to gather as Holi memorabilia, to drench everyone in the city.

The women also start preparing early for the festival of Holi as they make, Mathri and Gujiya, Papadi for the family and also for the relatives. In some places, especially in the north, women make potato Chips and Paped at this time.

Celebration of Holi

Holi is also celebrated in some South Indian cities where North people live in large amounts. They gather with families and friends to celebrate. In Holika Dahan, people to burn dry woods, dry leaves, plants, and other substances. Many rituals are also directed at ‘Holika Dahan’ in Hinduism.

Best Festival Of Holi In India – 2020

This is the story of Holika and King Hiranyakashyap symbolizing the burning of evil forces. In addition, they gather around Holika to seek blessings and their devotion to God. The next day is the most colorful day in India after Holika Dahan, as Holi is celebrated on this day.

People wake up early in the morning and offer color to the Lord in worship. Then, they dress in white and play Holi with colors. Children play Holi by filling water in the toy gun and balloons. Children play all day with color. People meet our’s friends, neighbors, relatives and Color them with ‘Gulals’. Holi is a symbol of love and brotherhood. The real festivity of Holi can be witnessed in the evening when people get together and enjoy with songs and dance. This colorful festival unites people and give us positivity our life. “Best Festival Of Holi In India – 2020”

Lathmar Holi of Barsane

Sri Krishna’s lover Radha belonged to Barsane. So Holi of Barsane is also very famous. Sri Krishna’s relationship with Holi is very old. That is the reason when we talking about Holi, Kahana’s name has to be present and this Holi is a popular all-over area.
Best Festival Of Holi In India – 2020

Barsane’s Lathmar Holi is very interesting. In Lathmar Holi men try to protect themselves from Lath of Gujjariyas. Before playing Lathmar Holi, these men are fed with food and drinks, properly, they are Proposal with different services. Then they are stroked with Lath by Gujjariyas ( partner). Men wearing a turban on the head and holding a tray type of shield to protect themselves.

In the game of shield and Lath, it’s pay in attention that men should not get hurt. This is Barsane’s Lathmar Holi. This Holi is organized in a big playground. Here, people enjoyed the Holi for a week. In Barsane’s Lathmar Holi people enjoy dancing and playing. Everyone apply a lot of different- different colors to each other. Lathmar Holi is a  unique celebration of happiness. Holi is the festival of joy, togetherness, humility, and health which is celebrated by all the age groups with full happiness. So enjoy every moment of Holi and be happy… “Best Festival Of Holi In India – 2020”


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